Nantes Magic

I was honoured to be an invited guest at the wonderful ‘Pour l’Amour du Fil’ in Nantes last week. It had been rescheduled three times but was well worth it and I really enjoyed my visit to France.

I was fortunate to have a stand which was near the entrance and many visitors came for a look and a chat. I also taught four workshops there which was a great opportunity for me to practice my French!

my stand

It was also lovely to catch up with other artists and makers – Jo Colwill’s stand looked great, and it was lovely to meet Cecile Franconie, Alison Glass and Christopher Wilson Tate, amongst others.

People are what make any event special and I was really touched to meet visitors who had visited my shows at Quilt en Beaujolais and Aiguilles en Luberon.

It was also heartening to meet these ladies from Norfolk, and Margaret Seaman, aged 92, who knitted Sandringham for NHS charities.

I am very grateful to Carol Veillon and her team at Quiltmania for the invitation and all of their hard work. They have also produced a beautiful article on my practice in ‘Simply Vintage’, current issue no. 40 available in English and French.

Published by Anne Kelly

Artist, author and tutor based in the UK. I exhibit and teach nationally and internationally. Member of Embroiderers Guild UK, Crafts Council Directory and Society for Embroidered Work.

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