‘Well Travelled’ at the Harley Gallery

I am really delighted that my exhibition ‘Well Travelled’ from the Ruthin Craft Centre is now installed at the Harley Gallery in Welbeck, near Mansfield on the Harley Foundation estate. My thanks to the Directors and staff at Ruthin and the Harley for making it happen!

It has been been beautifully curated and is on until 12 March 2023. There is an upstairs drop in area ‘Patchworks of Places’ being set up for you to drop in and make a small piece of work for a community collaboration during the exhibition.

The exhibition is mainly the same exhibition from Ruthin with a few additions to replace sold work. The ‘Unfinished Journey’ canoe is once again the centrepiece of the show and I love the way that the curators have placed the paddle on top of it.

My dolls house series make an appearance again – and have attracted some small visitors already!

There are also a number of framed and unframed embroideries including ‘Europeans’, ‘World Bird Tree’, ‘Stay at Home’ and a new piece ‘Amazon Bird Tree’.

There are also five of the ‘Park Walk Books’ series – which hang together…

There are some glazed and unglazed pieces – larger glazed works ‘Australians’, ‘Black Forest Bird Tree’ some small unglazed ones from my ‘New England Folk’ series…

I’m also really pleased to be showing my little ‘Barge’ and ‘Zoom Family Casket’ for the first time…

‘Birds of Australia’ are also on show again:

Some gallery views:

I am giving an artist talk on 17 February after two short workshops geared at children – details on my website and the Harley Gallery’s too.

I’m also giving a one day ‘Moving Memories’ workshop at Hope and Elvis which is very close on the estate. You can book via their website.

Published by Anne Kelly

Artist, author and tutor based in the UK. I exhibit and teach nationally and internationally. Member of Embroiderers Guild UK, Crafts Council Directory and Society for Embroidered Work. www.annekellytextiles.com

One thought on “‘Well Travelled’ at the Harley Gallery

  1. Looking forward to visiting the show. It looks impressive and beautiful colour and textures and evocative images of individuals that add more layers, congratulations Anne!


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